1 September, 2022 – 31 August, 2024
EPEKA Berlin e.V.

The NEWDIGISHIP project, an initiative under the Erasmus+ program, is designed to enhance digital entrepreneurship knowledge among young people. The project aims to transform passive digital consumers into active digital entrepreneurs by leveraging the opportunities offered by the digital world.

The project is structured into different work packages:

  1. Project Management: This involves online meetings, TPMs, monitoring, risk analysis, and reporting.
  2. How to become a digital entrepreneur? (training): This package includes developing a curriculum for digital entrepreneurship for young people, mentoring and support for the start of digital entrepreneurship, a Digital Entrepreneurship Handbook, and web tools and e-learning/E-Book “Digital Entrepreneurship e-Learning platform for young people.
  3. Mobility Activities: This includes mobility activities for staff and young participants in Valencia, Malta, Hungary, and Germany.
  4. Multiplier Events and dissemination: This work package focuses on reaching young people, disseminating resources created in universities and youth associations, reaching relevant stakeholders, and promoting the visibility of the cooperation actions of the Erasmus+.

The project is particularly focused on reducing the rising unemployment rates among young people in a rapidly changing world. It aims to empower unemployed youth for digital entrepreneurship startups by developing an innovative and up-to-date handbook as well as an online course. It offers better quality opportunities for unemployed youth to develop their innovation and creativity skills for digital entrepreneurship.

The objectives of the NEWDIGISHIP Project are to promote digital entrepreneurship among young people (18-28 years old), transform society by offering new opportunities to young people, support young people in facilitating the process of digital entrepreneurship, decrease levels of youth unemployment by working on digital entrepreneurship, and introduce new technologies such as mobile computing, data analytics, e-learning, cloud computing, blockchain, social media marketing.

The project is coordinated by Esplai Social from Spain and includes partners from Lithuania, Turkey, Hungary. France, Malta and Germany.

For more information, please visit the NEWDIGISHIP website.