27 November – 2 December, 2022
Berlin, Germany

Epeka Germany organised training for youth workers as part of the New Approaches to Sustainability project.

The overall objective of the project was to train and empower youth workers in the three core areas mentioned above, so that they can train young people in them. The following specific objectives led to the general objective:

  • To investigate the state of play of the project’s content areas in the partner countries and present the findings to the other partners.
  • Training of youth workers in CE and environmental protection
  • Increase young people’s knowledge and understanding of the project areas through local activities.
  • To provide youth workers with the knowledge and skills to deliver better youth activities on the project themes in their local organisations.
  • To enable youth workers to work better with vulnerable groups.
  • Strengthen the sense of community among European youth workers.
  • Develop a platform of youth organisations working on green issues and develop new initiatives in the future.

Day 1 – 27.11.2022: Overview of activities; Presentation of organisations

Day 2 – 28.11.2022: Motivational games; Introductory lecture; Presentation of the Erasmus+ programme and key competences; Presentation of national reports, questions and answers.

Day 3 – 29.11.2022: Workshop and lecture on environmentalism; Visit to local good practices; Workshop: Environment, politics and youth activism; Workshop: Inclusive youth work

Day 4 – 30.11.2022 Motivational games; What is the circular economy; Design thinking; Linking inclusion with design thinking and environmental issues; Preparing for public intervention

Day 5 – 01.12 2022 Visit to good practice – circular economy; Public intervention; Circular economy and reducing our impact on the environment; Circular economy, ecology and working with vulnerable groups; Youthpass and Europass; CV preparation; Daily assessment and reflection

Day 6 – 02.12.2022 Planning future projects based on this exchange and final evaluation


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