16th October 2019


Representatives of the Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., have attended the event Podravje Career Dialgoue 2019, which took place between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. on the premises of the Hotel Maribor.

Useful and beneficial knowledge and innovative tools encourage individuals to participate in the process of lifelong learning. How to enthuse people to want to upgrade their knowledge and skills? Which are the future competences that we talk about? How is employability of the workers viewed by the employees? Experts notice that employability depends on development of the knowledge, skills, techniques and attitude that individual has towards work. What do HR directors evaluate and what do they pay attention to when employing?

On the event participants got to know:

– Workshop: Competences of the future – where and how to use advantages of opportunites development of the indivudals.

Sara Tement, associate professor at the department of Psychology, Faculty Arts, University of Maribor

– Good practices and challenges of the employees at HR.

Jelica L. Lajovic, HR Director of 2017; HR Director and director of coporate communication in Iskratel; recipient of Golden practice of the best Employees Golden Thread 2019

Larisa Grizilo, Head Director for the area of human resources and communcations in the company A1, the best employee in the project Golden Thread 2017

Nataša Bazjak – Cristini, HR director 2019 in and regional HR-director in the Atlantic Group, winner among the best employees in the project Golden Thread 2019

– Speed dating with employees.

Speed dating with employees will be led by the HR experts from various larger Slovenian companies.

This event was intended for directors, experts in the field of HR development and employment who meet first obstacles of the lifelong learning, developing key competences and employing staff in accordance with global trends and needs of economy.

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