12 November, 2019
KGB Maribor

The Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., cordially invites you to the second concert of this year’s “Classics Today? tomorrow?” series! The concert starts at 8 pm.

“Theatre Music” is the title of a fresh album from the broader “More Than Just Sax” concept. The idea grew out of the musical garden of Simon Širc, a classically trained saxophonist, who in his artistic endeavours persistently travels beyond the boundaries of individual genres. Recently, his creations have increasingly explored popular and electronic music, in which he has been steadily incorporating the knowledge he acquired through his studies in classical music. Despite the musical complexity, the performances of the young musician from Dolenjska remain very relaxed and likeable. Simon is considered an eternal innovator, a daring experimenter, but at the same time he does not compromise on the quality of his music.

remaining concerts of the concert series “Classics Today? Tomorrow?”
~ 9.11.19 Brass Band Slovenia – Musical Mosaic / Classics Today? Tomorrow? @Minorite Church, LGM

~ 23.11.19 Hans-Peter Steiner & Rudi Katholnig: First Inspiration @KGB Maribor (Cultural and Musical Den)

~ 27.11.19 Vivus Wind Quintet: Vivus! @Minorite Church, LGM

Tickets for each concert cost 5€ and can be purchased at the venue box office.
A package of four tickets for the whole series is available from the Epeka team for 15€.

classics today? tomorrow?

A year ago we piloted the concert series Classics Today? Tomorrow? and began our search for the place of classical music in contemporary time and space. The search has only really begun with three concerts, so this year we are launching the second edition of the series, where we will open some new boxes with an expanded programme.

Where does classical music fit in today? Exclusively in concert halls? Churches? To weddings? Festivals? Clubs? Elevators? Shops? Does it belong anywhere else? And in what form? Strictly evening, glitzy, with choice words, fine wine? Original, as it once was, or is modernisation allowed? Is it only desirable? Sensible?

Classical music, in the whirlwind of modern times, finds itself in a crisis of its once steely identity. It is as if it had fallen into a mixture of elitism, conservatism and time-consuming pedantry. The “instant” age, with its information sufficiency, seems to have a hard time processing art, which requires a little more attention, time and reflection in its treatment.
But even classical music is still – after all – music! And in its very being, one of the functions of art is, after all, entertainment. Much of the classical repertoire was, and still is, written with this very purpose in mind. Technical perfection, virtuosity of performance and aesthetic and confessional contribution are the add-ons that only reinforce the basic purpose.

The Classics Today? tomorrow? series is intended as proof that the curiosity of the individual is more than enough to enjoy classical music. It presents young, adventurous performers in less conventional ensembles, bringing freshness and novelty to the classical scene, but without neglecting the importance of quality performance and programme choice.
This year’s cycle has been expanded in many ways, both in style and location. This time, we have invited musicians from the world of classical music, who apply their knowledge and thinking in a wide variety of styles. Even those that are, by definition, the opposite of serious music. The two concerts are set in the Minorite Church, which has already proved to be a wonderful setting for concerts of this kind last year. And twice we will enjoy the legendary “Cultural and Musical Den” or Klub KGB in Maribor, where the music will resonate in a relaxed basement-bar atmosphere. (Sašo Fekonja)

The concert series is supported by the Municipality of Maribor.

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