11 May, 2018
Roma Station, Maribor

The Roma Station will host a very special event dedicated to the youngest (analogue) musical instrument, the saxophone. Our guest will be Simon Širec, a young Slovenian musician who, despite his classical education, is breaking genre boundaries and creating new and novel ways of using this instrument.

The event will begin with a short lecture and discussion on the use of the saxophone, and continue with a presentation of the concert programme that Simon will be presenting, among other things, at the World Saxophone Congress in Zagreb. Simon Širec started his musical career on the clarinet and then continued his education on the saxophone. He studied at the Ljubljana Conservatory of Music and Ballet in the class of Professor Dejan Prešička. After graduating from high school, he continued his education in the class of Professor Lars Mlekusch in Vienna, where he graduated with honours. He completed his studies on the classical saxophone with Professor Gerald Preinfalck at the University of Music in Graz, where he graduated with a Master’s degree in June 2014. In parallel with his saxophone studies, he studied musicology at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. As part of his diploma thesis, he researched the historical development of the saxophone in Slovenia, and a few years after graduating, he expanded his work into a professional publication, published by Akademiker Verlag under the title “Development of the Slovenian Saxophone Repertoire”.
During his studies he performed in the largest concert halls in Vienna, Graz and Ljubljana, and as a member of the European Saxophone Ensemble, representing Slovenia, he toured in more than 20 cities in the wider European area. In 2014, he presented two original compositions at the Vienna SaxFest, to critical acclaim and was hailed as the Bobby McFerrin of the saxophone. Today he performs as a soloist, in chamber ensembles and in various orchestras. He has a strong focus on innovative musical solutions, incorporating the use of electronics into his musical language. Širec is also active in the field of teaching. As a saxophonist he works at the Music School Brežice, and as a musicologist he teaches music at the Secondary School of Music in Novo mesto.

Activity time: 20.00 – 22.30.

Free to attend.

More information: epeka@epeka.si

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