18 February, 2021

Representatives of the Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., co-presidents Štefan Simončič and Anja Cehnar, took part in an online event on the social economy in the digital age.

The event “Skills and digitalisation: investing in the social economy as tomorrow’s economy” took place at an important moment when digitalisation and skills are high on the European agenda. For example, among the six priorities for 2019-2024 is “Europe fit for the digital age”. In addition, the Commission emphasises a digital transition that puts people first:

  • Opening up new opportunities for businesses,
  • promoting the development of reliable technology,
  • promoting an open and democratic society,
  • enabling a vibrant and sustainable economy,
  • help fight climate change and achieve a green transition.

In this lecture, we heard from a wide range of speakers about how the social economy offers opportunities for upskilling and retraining. Social economy values such as putting people before profit, democratic governance and reinvesting all or most of the profits in training or in the community reinforce the social economy as an essential means to sustain a just transition.

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