23 – 28 August, 2023
Balatonkenese, Hungary

Members of the Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., will take part in a youth exchange in the framework of the project: SO KERES, EUROPA?!! – ROMAN YOUTH SOCIAL FORUM 2023.

The objectives of this international project are multifaceted and reflect a desire to engage young people and explore Roma culture through different artistic approaches. SO KERES, EUROPA?! – ROMAN YOUTH SOCIAL FORUM 2023 gives young people from different backgrounds the opportunity to connect, express themselves through art and learn about and explore the rich Roma culture. It is a unique opportunity to develop creativity, intercultural understanding and build lasting links between young people from different countries.

Dance with Ternype: In this workshop, participants use creative methods and tools to create choreography and dance as a group. This is an opportunity for those who want an energetic, creative and meaningful week. The Ternype group has already wowed audiences with their performances, including at the So keres, Europa event.

Music with the private band Romano Glaszo, Hungary: Romano Glaszo has a rich history of performing folk songs and dances from different cultures. Participants can join this group if they are interested in learning and sharing traditional Roma songs and creating their own musical products. Dancing with the private band Romano Glaszo, Hungary: This workshop offers the opportunity to learn traditional and modern Romani dances. Participants will learn about the diversity of music and dance.

Graffiti art with Lolo, Spanish artist: Lolo Ronda Cruz is a renowned tattoo and graffiti artist who will work with participants to create stencils of the faces of Roma people who are important to the community. These artworks will then be placed in public to highlight positive characters and roles in the Roma community.

Theatre with Roma actresses: Participants in this workshop will write their own theatre play, perform it and present it at the final festival. This opportunity allows the expression of creativity through the art of theatre under the guidance of experienced Roma actresses.

Meme-making: Activist Anahita Neghabat will lead this workshop where participants will express their experiences of politics and discrimination through humorous memes. Creative power and political awareness will be intertwined in a fun environment.

Letter-writing workshop and setting up for active remembrance: DePART will use this workshop to connect participants with the hidden stories of the Roma Holocaust victims and to promote “active remembrance”. Each participant will be placed in the role of a guardian of a person’s memory and will receive a personal letter to preserve the memory for future generations.

The participation of the Association EPEKA members in this project is an important step towards promoting tolerance, education and strengthening Roma identity and inclusion in wider society.