3rd September 2019


President of the Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., Štefan Simončič, took part in the aimed discussion Together We Are More Successful: Strengthening Public Service Approaches and Accessibility to Health Care in the Field of Roma Community.


8.30 – 9.00
Registration and coffee

9.00 – 11.15

Welcome and address
MA Stanko Baluh, director of the Office for Minorities
Damijan Jagodic, Ministry of Health

In depth understanding of the situation in field
Presenting results of the research “Display of Use of Health Service in the Health Care System in Slovenia” Victoria Zarkajšek (National Institute for Public Health)

Presenting expert monography “Public Health Approach Intended for the Roma Ethnic Community in Slovenia” and recommendations for improvement of health of Roma, Tatjana Kranjc Nikolić (National Institute for Public Health)

Experience in working with Roma population in the field of public health, Barbara Ozimek (Regional Association Red Cross Slovenia Novo mesto)

Presentation of field experience in the field of health of Roma in the project Romani Society Romani Union, Janja Rošer (Romani Union)

Examples of good practices of public health access in the field of Roma health, Romana Miklič and Helena Žulič (Community Health Center Krško)

Supplementation of participants to the wholesome understanding of the topic

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