June – July, 2021
Águeda, Portugal

The Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., Is a partner on a project on the topic of intercultural inclusion of young people. The Youth Exchange and Training Course will take place in June and July 2021 in Portugal.

More about the project:

We are currently living in a global era marked by intense migratory flows across Europe, which are intensifying. However, there is a noticeable trend of adopting nationalist, incarcerate and hostile behavior towards migrants, ethnic minorities or refugees. Increasing the attitude of intolerance and discrimination towards these individuals causes greater difficulties in their process of social inclusion, which in itself is already quite difficult.

When they leave their country, these young people face intense cultural and linguistic shock, and there is still little dynamic of action to facilitate their adjustment. With this in mind, the social problem we intend to address in the implementation of this project is the problem of social inclusion faced by migrants, refugees or ethnic minorities caused by huge prejudices and misinformation in front of these groups.

• Creating mobility and learning opportunities for youth workers that enable their personal and professional development;
• Identifying the situation and problems faced by migrants, refugees or ethnic minorities;
• The acquisition of knowledge and skills on tools and methodologies by youth workers to promote dynamics that promote the social inclusion of migrants, refugees or ethnic minorities;
• Strengthening European identity and intercultural dialogue to create a tolerant and inclusive European environment.

• Provide youth workers (through non-formal education) with basic skills to be able to encourage the transformation of the most vulnerable social realities and more effective action with ethnic minorities, migrants or refugees;
• Promote the spread of the values of diversity, multiculturalism and tolerance throughout society;
• To promote intercultural dialogue, cooperation between European organizations and the participation of young people with fewer opportunities in society;
• To raise the awareness of young people, young people and society in general about the problems and processes of social exclusion faced by migrants, refugees or ethnic minorities, in order to reduce prejudice and discrimination;
• Promote the social inclusion of young migrants, refugees or ethnic minorities, by increasing the skills of youth workers with the skills and learning that enable this integration;
• Promote the social participation of young migrants, refugees and ethnic minorities in society.

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