29 May, 2023
Andragoški zavod Maribor

The Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., held a workshop for children on safe use of the internet and preventing identity theft as part of a 10-finger typing course.

The aim of the workshop was to give children the opportunity to acquire basic knowledge about online safety. Through an interactive learning experience, we explored together guidelines for safe internet use, tips for protecting personal data and preventing identity theft.

We are committed to helping children understand how to stay safe online and how to identify potential dangers. We have encouraged them to think about how to use social networks safely and how they can protect their identity. We have also paid special attention to the issue of criminal liability, which is directly linked to this issue.

We believe that acquiring these skills is an important step towards responsible and safe use of the internet. Children had the opportunity to ask questions and discuss their experiences, which contributed to better understanding and awareness. Together, we are building a safer digital world for our children.