7. april 2020 (postponed due to corona)
Lent Festival Hall, Maribor

In 2020, the Association EPEKA, a social enterprise, will continue to organise cultural and educational events promoting Roma inclusion. In doing so, we are raising intercultural awareness and at the same time further commemorating the biggest Roma holiday – 8 April, World Roma Women’s Day (meaning, of course, all genders).

This year, we have focused on topics that we feel need to be particularly addressed given the slow progress in the community, which is of course our shared responsibility. These are the employment and inclusion of Roma women, socially responsible employment and the involvement of employers in the process of social inclusion (Fair employment), and educating the majority population about the meaning of antigypsyism and its occurrence in everyday life.

But since Roma culture always includes celebrating life, socialising and joy, something that we all often lack and do not realise why we cannot be happy despite everything, we will change this, at least on these two days, in Maribor. That’s why we will be visited by the hottest trumpeters in the Balkans at the moment and multiple winners of the Golden Tuba of the Guča Festival – the Boban Marković Orchestra.

On 7 April, Boban Marković Orkestar will present their latest album, released last year, at the Mrak World Tour in Maribor. It immediately jumped to number one on the World Chart in Europe and also received a lot of positive feedback from all over the world.

Boban Marković was born on the day of Ederlezi, the biggest Roma holiday, on 6 May, according to the Orthodox calendar, the Day of Saint George (Slovenian: St George) in Vladičin Han, in southern Serbia. It is a place of around 10,000 people, mostly of Roma origin, and a rich tradition of Roma music. The whole Marković family has a musical past, the grandfather, the father, also the son of Boban, Marko Marković.

Boban Marković has so far won every possible award that can be won in this field of music. The most recognised is the First Trumpet of Guča or the Golden Trumpet of the Guča Festival. His music has been featured in the films of Emir Kusturica, the music of Goran Bregović and elsewhere. The Boban Marković Orchestra consists of:

  1. Boban Markovic – trumpet, vocal
  2. Ivan Pavlovic – trumpet
  3. Zhivorad Dimitrijevski – saxophone
  4. Boban Demirovic – tenor horn
  5. Miroslav Sejdic – tenor horn
  6. Goran Spasic – tenor horn
  7. Stefan Petrovic – tuba
  8. Djavid Demirovski – drums
  9. Danijel Jovic – drums
  10. Alexander Stosic – percussion

The concert will be accompanied by a lecture and discussion on Roma musical traditions at the VNRC Roma Station at 18:00. More information about the programme on this website, on the Fair Employment project page and on Boban Marković’s website.

The programme is supported by the European Social Fund, the Youth Office of the Republic of Slovenia, the Office for Nationalities of the Republic of Slovenia, the ŠOU and the Municipality of Maribor.

The Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., is supported by: