17 March 2021

Štefan Simončič attended the online event “Final Event of the Europe for Citizens Program 2014-2020 – Success Stories Speak”, organized by CMEPIUS.

At the end of the program, CMEPIUS prepared a final virtual event, where we looked into the past and peeked into the future. Above all, the space was dedicated to successful projects and sharing experiences. We were joined at the event by a representative of the European Commission Jutta König-Georgiades (DG Just), who presented the achievements of the EZD program and also outlined the successor to the CERV program (Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values program). The main speaker was Mr. Domen Savič, with a lecture on active citizenship and the preservation of human rights in the information society and times of crisis. Domen Savič is the founder of the non-profit institution Državljan D, which is the first in Slovenia to primarily deal with human rights challenges in the information society, media literacy and active citizenship.

In the second part, we will be divided into three groups (European Memory, Town Twinning and Urban Networks, Civil Society Projects), where we had the opportunity to present our successful EZD projects, experiences, achievements… We exchanged views and tried to highlight the main message of what we gained by participating in the program what effects the project had on the organization, individuals and the local community.