4 July, 2015
Romani kafenava, Maribor

On Saturday, 4 July 2015, from 16:00 onwards, a special GREEN GAMING GAME will take place in the garden of the first Roma restaurant in the EU, Romani kafenava, in cooperation with the Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., and the Nature Observation Association, Zelena steza.

Who is the Green Playroom for?
Children, parents, grandparents, all the young at heart who love nature.

Because the Roma restaurant, Romani kafenava, offers job opportunities to minorities and because even children who spend their free time in nature are almost a minority.

What can you expect at the Green Playroom?

  • Learning about animals and plants under the guidance of the founders of the Green Track
  • Making products from natural materials
  • Creative fingerplays
  • Sharing ideas, experiences and advice on how to spend your free time creatively with children in nature

The Romani kafenava restaurant will provide snacks for the youngest participants.


FB event

The Green Path Association aims to encourage parents to give their children as much free play as possible in nature, giving them tips on what to offer their children and which natural opportunities to take advantage of. The association organises various workshops and joint hikes with a natural and, above all, biological focus, raising awareness of the importance of “green therapy”, which can cure certain diseases and behavioural problems.
For more information about the Green Path: http://saluuki.wix.com/zelena-steza.

Event information and promotion: Tjaša Teržan, the Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., associate, tjasa@epeka.si.

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