15 – 20 February, 2023
Sardinia, Italy

SEA – Sharing European youth policies Around Europe” is a mobility for youth workers under Erasmus Plus Key Action 1, which aims to promote the debate on youth policies at European level.

The project aims to improve knowledge and exchange of good practices among youth workers in the field of European youth policies. In particular, it aims to put at the centre of discussion and exchange good practices, actions and guidelines developed at European level in the fields of action identified in the EU Youth Strategy. Two members of the EPEKA, Soc. Ent.

Project objectives:

  • To promote the quality of youth work in Europe by exploiting synergies between all stakeholders;
  • To exchange ideas, objectives, good practices and successful experiences in the field of youth policies, interventions and measures; To analyse trends in policy orientations in the different participating countries;
  • compile the good practices presented and the ideas that emerged into a final publication;
  • encourage young people to become active citizens, protagonists of solidarity and positive change, and promote their social and civic participation;
  • promote the Erasmus+ programme, its benefits and its impact on communities, and stimulate debate on the importance of non-formal education and the acquisition of soft skills.