18 – 19 September, 2023
Vienna, Austria

The President of EPEKA Association, Štefan Simončič, will attend the Affordable Housing Initiative Bootcamp in Vienna.

The twin challenge of energy efficiency and affordability is explicit in the EU Green Deal, where the European Commission (EC) included a “Renovation Wave” to double the annual energy renovation rate of residential and non-residential buildings. The plan is to intervene in over 35 million building units until 2030.

The Affordable Housing Initiative (AHI), part of the Renovation Wave, aims to pilot 100 district renovation projects in affordable housing to act as a Lighthouse Projects to guide and show the way to other renovation projects across Europe by tapping into existing best practices, setting liveability and affordability at the forefront. The AFFORDABLE HOUSING INITIATIVE BOOTCAMP is a practice-oriented event that works as an occasion to share knowledge amongst professionals of affordable renovation, on the important modern related aspects such as energy efficient solutions, eco-design, use of renewables, energy communities, empowering residents, and sustainable business models. Lighthouse Project leaders2 will be onsite to explain how they planned and carried out their specific innovative approach on a number of different topics. These presentations will then work as a trigger to also discuss the practical aspects of carrying out renovation projects. The attendee’s active involvement will be sought.

Additional information and the event program are available here.