11 March – 3 April, 2019
Gallery EPEKA

The Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., will host a project AKUPARA in Gallery EPEKA between 8 and 12 March 2019.

AKUPARA is a muntiannual project, connecting areas of cultural productions, craftsmanship and cooperativism. Leader of the project is Terra Vera Society from Kostanjevica on river Krka in cooperation with partners from Maribor and beyond – CAAP Maribor, society Nagib and society Space Inbetween in Ljubljana. Project is funded by the Republic Slovenia and European Union from the European Social Fund, among evertyhing else intended for common creation and exchange of knowledge or skills in the field of cultural production, designing ceramics, textile, jewelry and cooperativism. Priority objectives of the programme are: networking of different immigrants, migrants and foreigners with local community and established Slovenian artists, opening space for personal contact between people of different cultures, strengthening awareness about contribution of immigrants to development of the society and developing competences to enter the labour market. Development of cooperational ethical brand is the main aim of the project, because we feel the need to establish new opportunities of reciprocal solidarity, integration, care of environment and ethical economy.

In Gallery EPEKA there will be workshops of cultural production, textile editing lead by Tomaž Tomljanović (Dualik), Nina Holc (Ni-design) and Petra Hazabent (Nagib).

More information on the project and schedule on: https://www.terra-vera.org/si/akupara-inkubator

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