11 July, 2020

On Saturday, July 11, at 7 pm, we opened the exhibition of Aleš Horvat “1938 – 2020” in the Epeka Gallery. In memoriam: Katarina Karolina Horvat.

‘At the beginning of 2020, I lost my aunt Dragica. I didn’t want an obituary. People important to us deserve exhibitions. Monuments in  quotation marks. Simple lives should un-live another version. I browse  through my aunt’s drawers. Socks, postcards, hats. This is life for an  exhibition. Installation of a destiny.’

Aleš Horvat (b. 1973), graduated from Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film  and Television and studied philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy in  Ljubljana. After more than ten years of intensive artistic creation,  ‘1938 – 2020’ is his third solo exhibition.


production: Jaša Gabrijan (logo) / curator: Eneja Urnaut / design:
Marijana Markoska and Gregor Lorenci


Večer – interview with the author (Slovene): link and PDF

Contribution on MMC RTV Slovenija (Slovene): link and PDF

Contribution on Television Maribor (Slovene): link

Article by Melita Forstnerič Hajnšek in Večer (Slovene): link and PDF

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