11 September, 2017
Epeka Gallery

On Wednesday, 20 September 2017, at 8 pm, we invite you to the Epeka Gallery for the opening of Bojan Golčar’s exhibition “Sediments and Traces”, which will take place as part of the Maribor Festival of Photography.

In collaboration with Bojana Kunst, the author of the accompanying texts, Bojan Golčar has shaped the photographs of Maribor, the city where he has lived intermittently since birth, into a story about the city, its streets, abandoned factories and derelict buildings. And about the people who, with their creativity and stubborn perseverance, keep the hope alive that the city can overcome the headache of the transition process, which has been particularly rough in Maribor, and whose consequences are presented in pictures and words in the present book, entitled Homesteads and Traces, which is also the author’s tribute to these people.

“The photographs of Maribor by the photographer Bojan Golčar seem to be in fact the remains, the aftermath, the many traces. These are photographs that, through dramatic layers of greyness, are marked by a kind of post-event factuality, an almost inert numbness from the collisions and traces of the various layers of the past and present that have accumulated in the series of political, ideological and historical events of the city. The photographs, with their consistent commitment to the contrast between black and white, emphasise precisely this drama of remains and sediments, the skeletons of houses and walls stand out as if they were on an X-ray, the concrete becomes a palette of patterns left by the water and the cold, the walls are sheets of paper and the roads a granular structure.” (Bojana Kunst)

Bojan Golčar (1966, Maribor)

In collaboration with director Igor Štromajer, he encountered theatre photography at the end of the 1980s. In 1997, in collaboration with the Maribor dancer and choreographer Mojca Kasjak, he created the photographs entitled Interspaces of Bodies. He then turned his attention to other areas for a longer period of time, later also to providing a supportive environment for the development of NGOs, which is still his professional field. He is constantly returning to photography and presents his work on his website and social networks.

Online gallery: www.bojangolcar.si