26 November, 2022
Judgement Tower Maribor

Program: J.S. Bach, P.R. Buttal, L. Pollack, G. Gershwin, H. Wolking, C. Lavallée, P.A. Nagle

The Brass Quintet is one of the smaller ensembles operating under the auspices of the renowned cultural and artistic association Brass Band Slovenia. The quintet’s performances are intended for smaller and more intimate stages, for which the nearly 30-member ensemble of Brass Band Slovenia would be too large. They have performed in several solo concerts around Slovenia, and can often be heard as part of a cultural-music-programme or as part of the protocol at various official events.

They also follow the research of literature dedicated to brass ensembles; besides the classics, they also like to arrange film, traditional, jazz and party music. The idea, artistic director and selector of the programme is the composer and conductor Aleksander Čonč, who leads several orchestras and choirs and also works as a freelance artist.

Members of the BBS Brass Quintet:

  • Trumpet: Tadej Postružnik
  • Trumpet: Tadej Vilar
  • Horn: Timotej Šnofl
  • Trombone: Rok Methans
  • Tuba: Aljaž Janžek

Brass Band Slovenia is the first brass band in Slovenia with a classical ensemble based on the English model, which means that it consists only of brass instruments and percussion. The band is mostly made up of music students and academically educated musicians for whom music is much more than just a hobby.

We are a young orchestra, founded in 2006 and in full swing. The orchestra is in its twelfth year under the baton of Aleksander Čonč.

We strive to spread musical culture, so we love to collaborate with other musicians, including trumpeter Franc Kosem, world-renowned trumpeter Allen Vizzutti from Seattle, Washington, and singing soloists: Daniel Gajšt, Renata Gračnar, Lucija Harum, Žan Hauptman, Rahela Horvat Toš, Alen Kirbiš, Amanda Stojović, Urška Škafar, Patricija Škof, Marjan Trček and Maja Žumer, as well as choirs: the Maribor Academic Choir, the Mixed Choir of the Anton Martin Slomšek Maribor Diocesan Gymnasium, the Mixed Choir of Laudamus, the Mixed Choir of the II. Maribor Gymnasium, Male Choir France Marolt – Malečnik, Vocal Group CEZAM and children’s choirs of Maribor primary schools.

Every year we present a full-length concert, where we always impress the audience, as we strive to organise larger projects, which are often supported by a stage, costume design and projections, which contribute to a deeper appreciation of the music. We are challenged to try out different genres of music that are often not specific to our ensemble, so we have already done film music, jazz music, musicals and a concert where we walked through the historical development of music, which means that we have interpreted music in different ways, as interpretation has evolved over time.

The BBS Brass Band also has a brass ensemble, which is suitable for smaller venues, with ensembles ranging from a quintet to a 16-piece ensemble.