9 January, 2020

The Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., took part in the NGO Space in Culture Consultation with the participants of the Social Activation Programme..

Infrastructural issues of NGOs in culture have seen a number of problematic points this year, with the sale of the building at 4 Kersnikova Street in Ljubljana, one of the spaces where the Ljubljana independent scene was formed; the new owner of the premises in the Tobacco area, where many NGOs in culture were also active; finally, problems have been recorded in Maribor, and the situation with the premises is not rosy in other places in Slovenia either.

The consultation was also organised in the light of the creation of two important strategic documents, namely the National Programme for Culture and the Strategy for the Development of Culture of the Municipality of Ljubljana, and the discussion will be expanded at the national level. Through the discussion, we identified the main problems and, above all, to think about the best solutions that should start to be included in the strategic documents. We have also complemented the consultation with an empirical study, namely a survey (available here) to get information on the real situation as well as the needs and vision of NGOs on how the issue of spaces should be regulated at municipal and national level.

When we talk about spaces for artists and NGOs in culture, the questions start to multiply quickly. Just a typical reflection starts to raise the question whether things are in order in the field of offices, as the common denominator of most NGOs, what about warehouses, residences, studios, rehearsal spaces and other types of spaces. Should the authorities take care of the premises by renting them out free of charge, or would it make sense to allocate the relevant funds? Is the only right place for cultural institutions the city centre, or can suitable spaces be located some distance away?

The panel will start with short thematic presentations by the keynote speakers, followed by a debate.

Keynote speakers:

The event will be moderated by Alma R. Selimovic.

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