Year 2020
Development and production of products

The Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., is pleased to announce that we have received co-financing for the project “Development and production of products in the field of cultural creative industries”. The project is funded by the Ministry of Culture under the call JPR-Romi-2020.

The key target group of the project is Roma women, who face a high degree of social exclusion, lack of social and functional competences and distance from the labour market. In our experience with Roma women, many of them have a desire to engage in cultural activities, to preserve their cultural heritage and to acquire skills related to product creation and development, and their desire to learn design-related skills is evident. In order to activate Roma women and to provide content of cultural, educational and aesthetic value, in 2020 we will organise a series of cultural creative industries workshops, with the support of which Roma women will acquire additional skills and develop products that will enable them to present their cultural heritage to the wider public and thus draw attention to their position within society. At the end of the activity, the products will be presented in an exhibition that will be opened by Roma women in the EPEKA Gallery in Maribor, thus presenting their view of belonging to the Roma community to the wider public.

The workshops will consist of the following strands, defined according to the wishes of the Roma women and according to the areas in which they expressed the greatest interest during the research prior to the project’s conception:

  1. Photo
  2. Sound and folk traditions
  3. Textiles
  4. Food

Objectives of the project:

  • Implementation of the defined modules,
  • Involve at least 30 women from the Roma community in the workshops (four modules),
  • Preparation of products that show Roma identity,
  • To organise an exhibition of the products produced during the workshops,
  • Better integration of the Roma and the majority population,
  • Raising awareness of Roma cultural heritage among the majority population,
  • Recognition of the importance of cultural production among members of the Roma community,
  • Increased level of functional and social competences among women from the Roma community.

Discussion with Roma women about Roma traditions and cultural heritage:

Workshop highlights:

The implementation of the project, is supported by: