February 21st


Nicky Cionoiu EPEKA’s volunteer from the University of Limburg will organise a special social project called “The dirty laundry of Maribor” on February 16th 2017.

The dirty laundry of Maribor” is a social project with public participation. There is an English saying that goes like: “To air your dirty laundry”. We are going to implement this saying into reality! What’s your opinion about problems in Maribor? What do you think about this city? Do you have met any struggles in Maribor? Tell us!

Participate 16 February 2017 during “The dirty laundry of Maribor – project”. Write down your opinion and issues on the dirty laundry hanging at a public clothesline. Combine your strength and tell us what is happening in Maribor. At the end, we will collect all of the opinions and communicate them to the municipality. Through active citizenship we can actually change something!

End of february we will make an exhibition about the project in the EPEKA gallery. Also we will put all of the opinions in the Facebook community “The voices of Maribor”. Here we can discuss afterwards and take action!


  • Get to know personal opinions about problems in Maribor
  • Connect the people with the municipality
  • Share the feeling of community
  • Change

The goal is non-commercial and only to help the citizens of Maribor. We will be @ the square of freedom!

The project will be held on Trg revolucije.

More about the project

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