until 31 December 2022

Everyone who pays income tax in Slovenia can donate up to 1% of their income tax to NGOs. Each taxpayer can choose up to five organisations to donate 1% of their income tax to. Such a donation costs the donor nothing, as this percentage goes into the budget.


You can find all the details on the CNVOS website, where you can also find a form to donate 1% of your income tax via the eDavki website.


The taxable person can also submit the request for the allocation of part of the income tax electronically via the FURS eDavki electronic commerce service, where 2 options are available:

  • Register with a digital certificate on the website FURS_vstop,
  • Log in with your user account and password: on the website FURS_vstop for the first registration, a tax number and an email address are entered, to which a password for access is then sent; the taxpayer is also required to enter the number from the IID (Income Tax Information Document), which is sent to the taxpayer every year. For each subsequent declaration, only the tax number and password are entered.

On the entry page, you need to select “Taxpayer details” and then “Allocate part of the income tax”, where you enter the tax number of the association (our tax number is 62581350) and the % to be allocated to the association, and click “Submit application”.

The deadline for submitting the form for allocating part of your income tax to NGOs is: 31 December 2022.

THANK YOU, for contributing to more successful programmes and activities of the Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent.