23rd – 29th August
Gorišnica, Slovenia

V Podjetniško izobraževalni mladinsk zadrugi Epeka, so.p. smo v okviru tretjega razpisnega roka za projekte Erasmus+ pridobili financiranje za projekt Opolnomočenje mladinskih delavcev/voditeljev za delo z brezposelnimi mladimi in mladimi iz depriviligiranih območij oz. Empowering to Empower.

International project “EMPOWERING to EMPOWER” is dedicated to the empowerment of youth workers / leaders to work with unemployed young people and young people from disadvantaged areas. By the planning and preparing the project are 10 partner organizations involved, which are active in 8 different countries (Slovenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Lithuania, Romania, Turkey and Poland). This project has been scheduled during the (23.08.2018 arrivals) 24.08.2018 to 28.08.2018 (29.08.2018 departures). The project will take place in the area of Haloze. Haloze are less developed area with lack of opportunities for young people and deficit of workplaces and cultural activities for young people living here. Location of training will enable higher understanding of identified problems that young people are facing by living in such areas.

Aim of the project is to prepare youth workers / leaders by to gaining needed competences to work with unemployed youth and youth from disadvantaged areas, so that they could help and direct them on their life’s journey by reaching their career goals. Youth workers / leaders needs to have skills for mentoring, providing security, support them by setting and achieving their desires / goals, encourage them to participate in the programs for personal and social development, support them by the acquisition of competences, help them by promoting their self-esteem through personal development, encourage them to be active and responsible citizen and ultimately prepare them to be responsible to enter on the labor market.

Through the implementation of the project we will be interested in specific issues and facts about the reasons for unemployment among young people, what is the state (statistics) of youth unemployability in the case of the participants countries where they come from and How they are trying to solve this problem there. By sharing experiences of good practices we want to reduce this problem through workshops and variety of different methods to be creative by making additional proposals for the possibility of effective problem solving of uneployment and lack of oportunities among youth comming from problem areas with fewer opportunities. After all, we want, that experiences, proposals and gained competences are transferred to active and effective work within the organizations and beyond in terms of further project cooperations between organizations at the national and international levels. Strengthening the necessary competences for youth workers we will achieve through interactive workshops, which will be prepared and carried out with the help of experienced trainers or experts.

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