EPEKA CZECH, z.s., is a cultural organisation dedicated to experimentation, education and production in various fields, with a wide range of educational programmes, performances, residencies and exhibitions,


Epeka Czech Republic aims to go beyond disciplinary boundaries and foster a community where alternative ways of thinking are activated and supported. We strive to make culture accessible to all, with a special focus on young people, whom we would like to involve in all activities we organise. EPEKA Czech Republic is part of the larger EPEKA network, which has branches in Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, the UK, Turkey, Austria, Serbia and the Czech Republic. The President of EPEKA Czech Republic previously worked for EPEKA , Soc.Ent., Slovenia, where he gained relevant work experience that he is now able to put into practice. Although EPEKA Czech Republic is a fairly new organisation, its key persons are well acquainted with EU programmes such as Erasmus+, Europe for Citizens, Creative Europe, etc., which they coordinated before setting up their own branch.

More information:

EPEKA Czech republic

President: Lucie Keprova

E-mail: epeka@epeka.eu

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