14th May 2020


With the intention of empowering target groups that we meet in the implementation of the Association EPEKA’s, Soc. Ent., projects, we initiated gardening activities.

In order to provide participants of our projects with the opportunity to get to know the growing of the fruits, vegetables and spices, while providing them the opportunity to spend quality time in in nature, we have rented a smaller garden on which we will do extra activities, intended for the youth, youth with fewer opportunities, long-term unemployed and members of Roma community.

Goals of activities:

  • educate participants about gardening,
  • offer participants opportunity to grow fruit/vegetables/herbs,
  • raise self-supply awareness among participants,
  • raise environmental protection awareness among participants,
  • train participants for correct cultivation of garden and soil (digging, fertilisation, ecological cultivation of garden, composting etc.)
  • train participants to prepare processed foodstuff (juices, marmelade, canning, teas, etc.),
  • offer participants possibility to familiarise themselves with different types of gardening (permaculture garden, biodynamic garden, urban garden, etc.)

The Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., is supported by: