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1 March 2022 – 1 March 2024

The Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., is a part of the #inform #educate #involve project.


Many teachers and youth workers promoting sustainable development and fighting climate change have little knowledge of informal learning methods online and offline. They are therefore not effective enough.

We want to help them by sharing a range of games, methods and a complex educational package that take into account the different points of view, preferences and levels of involvement of both educators and learners. These methods help to inform, educate and actively involve young people in climate issues.


During our 24-month project, we manage our project effectively. We start with a kick-off meeting, continue with three international training sessions where we exchange good teaching methods on and off the field and create a complex educational package. During the activities, we will test these methods and our tools. At the mid-term meeting we will synchronise the results and finalise the training package. These will be used and validated during our mixed mobility and social media campaign.


8 participants from 4 organisations will learn project management skills from each other. They will also test and share at least 45 informal learning methods on- and offline that can be adapted beyond the envrionmental training. At least 80 youth workers will use these methods and our training package free of charge for at least 3 years, making them more effective and efficient. We will expand our activities and results to reach 120,000 people.

Participating organisations:


Project coordinator:

  • Natura Hungarica Alapítvány


Reference number: 2021-2-HU01-KA210-YOU-000049861