February – December, 2021

This year we are implementing the project I Recycle, What about You? (Jaz recikliRom, kaj pa ti?), which teaches members of the Roma community about the tradition of reuse, creative thinking and recycling discarded objects, preserving traditional crafts, demonstrating excellent entrepreneurial skills and building a community that is more sustainable. but still includes Roma traditions.

The project, funded by the Ministry of Culture, is intended to acquaint participants, members of the Roma community, with the possibility of re-use of materials that are usually discarded in everyday life. The objects are transformed into reusable products or objects of artistic value, including the Roma tradition and culture. Participants are introduced to a concept called upcycling, also known as creative reuse. It is the process of converting by-products, waste materials, unusable or unwanted products into new materials or products that acquire higher artistic or environmental value. The project envisages the implementation of 11 creative workshops of production and processing:

  • Waste packaging into useful items (production of various pieces of jewelry, wallets, holders for various items, key rings…)
  • Waste furniture in reusable pieces,
  • Waste clothing in reusable pieces (protective masks, bags, reusable clothing,
  • Other waste materials into objects of artistic value

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