26 January 2021

On Tuesday, January 26, 2021, at 12 o’clock, we invite you to the virtual opening of the exhibition “Call me by name” by Slovenian photographer Jasmina Vidmar.

The event is part of the project “Shoa – let’s remember 2021”, which is being prepared between 18 and 27 January by the Center for Jewish Cultural Heritage Maribor Synagogue. The art project “Call me by name” addresses the complex issues of stereotyping of young Roma women and the consequences for the identity of young people who are marked and addressed in this way in the wider society.

The ethnicity of young Roma men and women is often the all-encompassing sign that surpasses all others. Views interspersed with prejudices and stereotypes overlook their individuality, diversity, and abilities; they lower their self-esteem and too often create in themselves the belief that the opportunities intended for them are limited. Prejudices materialize in discrimination and in social, cultural and material deprivation, which further limits the possibilities to build their own and desirable future. The exhibition leaves a voice to young girls and boys to tell about their dreams, longings and desires.

The first Epeka exhibition in 2021 and the first after we lost the gallery space on Koroška ulica 8, where we prepared top cultural events for several years with minimal support, will be held in the corridors of the apartment block at Preradovičeva ulica 17, where a large part of Maribor’s Roma community lives. The latter is, on the one hand, a response to restrictions on attending cultural events due to measures to limit the spread of SARS-CoV-2, and on the other hand, a response to the unfavorable policy of support for cultural organizations in the Municipality of Maribor and their tendency to marginalize.

The exhibition is part of the project Fair Employment – Z mladinskim delom proti brezposelnosti mladih, financed by Ministry for education, science and sports, Department of Youth and the European Social Fund.

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The event has been made possible by:

European Social Fund

Javni medobčinski stanovanjski sklad Maribor