14th December 2018
Gallery Epeka

We kindly invite you to the opening of the exhibition “Take a Picture / Naredi sliko” by academic painter Jože Šubic. Opening will be in the Gallery EPEKA, on Friday, 14th December 2018 at 7 p. m.. Exhibition and the artist will be presented by Tanja Kerić.

Jože Šubic (1959) is a representative of the generation of artists, which were influenced by the so-called new image, Italian art expression from the 80’s of the previous century that Šubic accepted as his own, bypassing the initial figural art that brings in question world of metaphors and symbolism. After getting a bachelor’s degree on Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts, he has expanded his knowledge in the field of graphics, sculpturing and installation. His paintings was thus transformed to the space and he enriched the objectival reality with the associational meanings with exceptional communicative power between the piece, artist and spectator. Šubic lives and creates in Maribor, his art production in the last decades indicates an important addition to the Slovenian modern art.

With the exhibtion “Take a Picture / Naredi sliko” Šubic goes back to the painting grasp, to which he adds other techniques and materials. Barycenter of the eponymous series of canvases is a woman, present and trapped, yet estranged and free in the diptych of the memory, which unviels to the spectator her intentions. Transition of a figure in the story with wrinkled sheets, on which there are desolated erotical props of her passion, creates a special dialogue on the canvas and with the audience. Two sides, two stories. A hidden view, expoing a voyeur, a male, but primarly her, the observer of her observer, who with her own (non-)existence dictates the entire flow of action and documents it. As a painter, the artist comes back to the figure just indirectly, through ideas; what is direct, nonetheless, is his eroticism, which is not uncommon in his opus. In its playfulness his eroticism doesn’t fall in the field of romantic, but it reaches (though it doesn’t transcend) to the daring worlds of excitement and lust. His feminine figure is often asociated as an object with which we respond to the clichés of the social objectivization – this time however, she is the main protagonist in her own destiny. Regardless of the repetitve duality of her exposed intimacy, she is a proud carrier of her own movements and brings forward her contemporary self-sufficiency.

(Tanja Kerić)


Gallery Epeka, Koroška cesta 8, 2000 Maribor

Opening of the exhibtion on Friday, 14th Decembra 2018, at 7 p. m..

The exhibition will be available until 24th January 2019.

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