11 March, 2021

The persistent threat of radicalization and violent extremism highlights the vulnerability of our society today to the challenges of intolerance, hatred and fear.

Radicalization is a reflection of the polarization of society, as well as a reflection of profound and rapid changes in perceptions, values and behavior, where violence is becoming an acceptable tool for resolving conflicts. How will this phenomenon affect our society?

Representatives of the Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., Štefan Simončič and Anja Cehnar, attended an event organized by the Euro-Atlantic Council of Slovenia, the Institute for Politics and Society in Jordan and the Center for European Perspective in Slovenia.

The conference discussed the threat of radicalization and violent extremism in Slovenia, Kosovo, Jordan, and wider regions.

The expert group has:

  • emphasized the potential similarities, differences and links between violent extremism in these countries and their regions;
  • discussed how to reduce the risk of individual indoctrination to violent extremism and radicalization;
  • suggested ideas on how to tackle these challenges.


  • dr. Mohammad Abu Rumman, Institute for Politics and Society, Associate Professor and Writer on Political Islam and Violent Extremism
  • dr. Florian Qehaja, Kosovo Center for Security Studies, Chairman of the Committee
  • dr. Iztok Prezelj, Euro-Atlantic Council of Slovenia, President and Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, Vice Dean

Moderated by: Katja Geršak, Center for European Perspective, Executive Director


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