8 March, 2021
Maribor, Slovenia

Those who pay personal income tax in Slovenia can donate up to 1% of personal income tax to non-governmental organizations.Each taxpayer can choose a maximum of five organizations and thus allocate 1 percent of personal income tax for a chosen organization. Such a donation costs him nothing, as this 1 percent goes to the national budget.


All information can be found on the CNVOS website. There is also a form with which you can donate 1% of personal income tax via the eDavki website. Our tax number is SI62581350.

You can submit the form for the allocation of part of personal income tax:

  • electronically via the e-commerce services FURS eDavki,
  • in person or by post at the competent financial office.

The deadline for submitting the form for allocating part of personal income tax to non-governmental organizations has been extended: 31 May 2021.

More detailed instructions and forms are available here.

THANK YOU for contributing to the better quality of our programs and activities.

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