7 October 2021

Between 7 and 15 October our applications attended the Erasmus + training in Strasbourg, France.

Today’s Europe absorbs two million migrants each year –more than any other part of the world (as a proportion of its population), including North America. This migration flow changes the make-up of European societies – more so than birth rates or death rates. Increased migration into Europe is part of a global trend. Cheaper travel and more information encourage skilled and unskilled workers from poorer countries to migrate to richer ones.

Objective: training course aims to support the professional development of youth workers and to raise the quality of their projects concerning Migration and Mobility projects.

Date: 7-15 October 2021
Location: Strasbourg, France
No. participants: 2
Age range: 18-40 years
Target group: youth workers, activists, students, all interested in the field of migration

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