18th – 25th November 2018

Worcester, United Kingdom

Representatives of the Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., will take part in training course Really Including Inclusion. Training course will take place between 18th and 25th November 2018 in Travelodge/Guildhall, near Worcester, United Kingdom.

Consilium Development and Training together with BeDiverse is delivering a first stage training course for youth workers (anyone who works with young people aged 13-30, in a paid, voluntary, full or part-time position) to equip them with the necessary knowledge, understanding and skills to be able to ensure the inclusion of young people who are underrepresented and from backgrounds of fewer opportunities into their projects and activities. This will be achieved through successive implementation of the following project objectives:

– training participants in the key areas related to preparation and delivery of local and international youth projects to ensure inclusion and accessibility

– exchanging best practices and useful tools contributing to successful inclusion of people facing barriers in projects

– fostering European cooperation in the youth field and supporting the development of sustainable partnerships for the future joint projects between partner promoters

– discovering the potential of Erasmus+ Programme in creating accessible quality and value-based learning mobilities for young people and youth workers.

The training course is strongly based on experiential learning (learning by doing) and nonformal education, with adequate time allocated for debriefing and reflection throughout the whole program. It will take place over one week, 6 days of training with one afternoon ‘free’. It will be an intense programme, so applicants must be available for the entire duration.

The Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., is supported by: