3 – 10 July, 2022
Alcala la Real, Spain

Representatives of the Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., attended a youth worker training between 3 an 10 July 2022.

Peace education encompasses the key concepts of education and peace. While it is possible to define education as a process of systematic institutionalized transmission of knowledge and skills, as well as of basic values and norms that are accepted in a certain society, the concept of peace is less clearly defined. Many writers make an important distinction between positive and negative peace. Negative peace is defined as the absence of large-scale physical violence–the absence of the condition of war. Positive peace involves the development of a society in which, except for the absence of direct violence, there is no structural violence or social injustice. Accordingly, peace education could be defined as an interdisciplinary area of education whose goal is institutionalized and noninstitutionalized teaching about peace and for peace. Peace education aims to help students acquire skills for nonviolent conflict resolution and to reinforce these skills for active and responsible action in the society for the promotion of the values of peace.


  • Willing to implement activities in the field of Peace Education
  • 18+ years old and have sufficient level of English to communicate and engage in discussions
  • Working voluntarily or professionally in youth organisation
  • Willing to involve in intercultural learning process
  • Has little or no knowledge on Peace Education
  • Have previous experience with youth programs
  • Have involved in international, national or local education activities as participant
  • Have an idea to implement in the field of peace education specifically focusing intercultural
    learning, intercultural dialogue or interfaith dialogue
  • Have previous experience on Erasmus+ or European Solidarity Corps Projects

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