20 September, 2020

In this year as well, the Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., organises a new edition of a cycle “Classical music today? tomorrow?”.This year, concerts will be held in the open: the first concert will take place in front of Gallery EPEKA, on a renovated Koroška street, in vicinity of the Maribor Main Square.

The cycle will be opened up by Trio Lumi, exhilarating international assembly that agreeably combines folk music, classically educated string players and playful performance.

Saimi Kortelainen – violin
Oskar Longyka – violin
Urban Megušar – violoncello

Trio Lumi is a group of three friends, brought together by their love of playing folk music. Violinist Saimi’s roots are in Estonia and Finland, violoncellist Urban comes from a small village in Upper Carniola and violinist Oskar comes from Slovenia’s capital.

Trio Lumi focuses on intertwining of various musical traditions from Scandinavia and Balkans, spiced up with harmonies and rhythms from other musical genres from numerous lands. Being masters of their own strings, they have the ability to use the strings to the their fullest capabilities and give them additional element of melody, harmony and rhythm. Their arrangements could also be described as unexpected and daring but nonetheless they have a great deal of respect for tradition.

Concert cycle is supported by the City Municipality of Maribor.



To respect preventive measures to prevent spread of disease covid-19 we kindly ask the guests of the event that they attend only as long as they don’t exhibit any signs of respiratory organs infection and to maintain a safety distance of 1,5 meter and to take proper care of cough/sneeze etiquette and to comply to any other safety warning by the organiser.

According to the Article 2 of the Decree about changes and completion of Decree on temporary restriction of gathering in the Republic of Slovenia (Gazette of the RS, number 96/20), organiser has to keep a list of attendance. Thus we ask all the guests to provide the organiser with the following information when they arrive to the venue: name and last name and permanent residence. If the National Institute of Public Health won’t require these information, they will be safely destroyed.

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