5  – 11 February, 2017
Sinop, Turkey

“Who?” The answer is “Women”. Women and girls throughout the world experience violence, discrimination, inequality, and poverty. Despite the existence of international covenants, regional treaties and domestic laws intended to codify and realise women’s human rights, the reality is that women and girls are routinely unable to claim their basic rights.

They also suffer from a huge rate of unemployment because of lack of necessary competencies, responsibility for taking care of children and home and oppressive power of men upon women. Furthermore, Europe has been dealing with the continuous flows of immigrants and refugees especially since the last year. Among them, there are so many women who are struggling to survive, protect and feed their children without any penny. Empowering women in Europe has shown a lot of progress throughout the last decades. But it is still far beyond the expected results. Will the women find themselves a place in the working world? Or is it only the men’s world?Governments, universities, public and private institutions, international, national, regional and local authorities, civil societies and all the individuals should have precautions to prevent female unemployment before it becomes too late.
Sinop Valiligi, as the applicant of the Erasmus+ KA1 Mobility of Youth Workers project “WHO” foresees the situation of women not only in Turkey, but also throughout Europe and launches a training course for the youth leaders and youth workers to empower the capacity of disadvantaged women / migrant women to develop their initiative skills in order to participate in the labour market and provide competencies for the organisations to establish their social enterprises in favour of young women.
There will be 30 youth leaders from Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey to meet in Sinop, Turkey between 5 – 11 February 2017 to realise the following objectives:

The objectives of the “WHO” project:

  • Develop human capacities that will encourage and support entrepreneurship initiatives of women.
  • Promote and develop the understanding of gender equality in the employment and market sector.
  • Raise awareness on the common problems and strategies among migrant women / disadvantaged women.
  • Reinforce individual and collective initiative and support among migrant women.
  • Introduce Erasmus+ programme and promote co-operation on gender issues.
  • Develop pilot projects aiming to solve rural social needs through youth projects and entrepreneurial initiatives.

The participants should:

  • Have experience on women’s entrepreneurship, women’s rights or gender issues or
  • Plan to work on these issues within their organisation.

For more information and if you wish to join the project please send an e-mail with a motivation letter and your CV to epeka@epeka.si.

The coordinator of the partner organisation: Štefan Simončič, president of the Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent. stefan@epeka.si


This project is financed by the European Commission. The content of this announcement only expresses the opinions of the author. The National agency and the European Commission are in no way responsible for any use of the information the announcement includes.

The youth program of the Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., is supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport — Office of the Republic of Slovenia for Youth.