March, 2021 – January, 2022
Boulogne Billancourt, France

We are pleased to inform you that the Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., is a partner in Erasmus+ Project called ” Youth Work on Migration”.

Social equality is for everybody,  including those of migrant backgrounds. Youth work and non-formal learning respond to the opportunities and problems posed by the increasing number of young migrants and refugees in the EU help immigrants and refugees in the EU member countries to create their own European values, encourage intercultural interaction, and developing mutual awareness between newcomers.

With this project, we want to achieve profound understanding and acceptance of each other, more transparent communication.

Hosting organization: Paragraf International

Project duration: March 1st 2021 – January 31st 2022

Project Reference: 2020-3-FR02-KA105-018250

The Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., is supported by: