June, 2021

As the time for holidays and travel approaches, we invite you to familiarise yourself with the guidelines for safer and more worry-free travel during an epidemic.

The NIJZ (National Institute of Public Health) has prepared several tips and links to facilitate travel during Covid-19. “The situation regarding the spread of the virus is dynamic and constantly changing, so we advise you to keep an eye on the situation and travel recommendations on the NIJZ (National Institute of Public Health)Ministries of Foreigns Affairs, on the GOV.SI portal.                   

We recommend:

When planning your trip, you are advised to monitor the epidemiological situation at your destination and to find out before you travel about the conditions for entering the country, the current situation there and the care options available if you fall ill during your trip. Countries are classified according to their epidemiological situation into lists of different colours, which are published on this link

It also lists the measures taken by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, which are applicable upon entry into Slovenia and are set out in the Decree laying down the conditions of entry into the Republic of Slovenia for the containment and control of infectious disease COVID-19. Persons who will be placed under 10 days’ home quarantine upon entry into Slovenia in accordance with the measures taken by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia are advised to observe the instructions for home quarantine, which can be found on the following link. 

Lists of countries:

a) green if the country is included on a list of third countries for which travel restrictions should be lifted, to be drawn up by the EU Council;

b) red if the country is classified in the list of “basic risk areas” published by the RKI;

c) dark red if the country is classified in the list of high incidence areas or areas of variants of concern published by the RKI;

d) orange if the country is not classified in any of the lists in points a), b) and c).”.

Source and more information

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