10-17 November 2022

Magliano Sabina, Italy

Representatives of the Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., took part in the youth exchange Demcoracy’s Strength in Italy.

In these last years populism has grown in many european countries: in France, Italy, Greece, Poland or in Germany, often also with a strong anti-european feeling, xenophobic and authoritarian characteristics. In 2017, Pope Francis warned the Europeans saying that “populism leads to totalitarianism”. Is democracy in danger? Is the European Union in danger? Another issue not to be underestimated is the recent past of our continent, a terrible world war ended in 1945 and the bloody communism of the Eastern European countries seem distant memories and people forget quickly.

According to recent surveys, parties with a populism approach in Hungary have more than 60% support among electors, in Romania is 25%, in Italy the populist party is likely to easily win the next elections and in Belarus there is a 30 years-old long dictatorship. And we even didn’t mention what happened in USA or the recent war in Ukraine where that nation and its people are fighting to preserve its democracy and the democratic european values

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