18 May, 2020
Maribor, Slovenia

The Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., implemented a youth exchange that empowered young people with additional knowledge on climate change and related migration, while supporting them in raising awareness on environmental issues and promoting intercultural dialogue and active social participation in the activities.

Climate change, global warming, environmental awareness and migration are themes that are often highlighted within the EU discourse. The project brought such topics to young people in a structured way and offered them a critical insight into their interconnectedness and interrelatedness. As integration is a two-way process, the networking between civil society and immigrants has had a positive impact on the development of change for the individual’s contribution to a cleaner environment and general public awareness of the global warming issue.

Throughout the project, young people learned about environmental issues and ways that can only help to take better care of the environment, while at the same time, the international mobility provided a platform for knowledge transfer between young people and the exchange of good practices, which works in a way that practices are not only transferred within the partner countries of the consortium, but also more broadly, which was achieved by involving migrants in the mobility itself, thus offering young people the opportunity to learn about the identified issues from different perspectives.

Project objectives achieved :

  • Young people educated on the importance of global warming and environmental protection, supported by non-formal education methods,
  • Comparison of national policies and methods of educating young people on global warming,
  • exchange of good practices in the field of environmental protection at international level promoted,
  • Empowering young people with migration skills, with a particular focus on environmental migration,
  • Vulnerable groups involved in international mobility projects and intercultural dialogue between young people promoted,
  • positive impact on the involvement of migrants in international mobility projects and their awareness of environmental issues,
  • exchange of good practices at national, EU and global level promoted.

The project therefore addressed the need for young people to be better educated in environmental awareness and the need to transfer knowledge and good practices internationally, thus encouraging young people to have a positive impact on environmental protection through their actions. We promoted intercultural dialogue on (environmental) migration and integration, and dialogue on the importance of intercultural knowledge transfer to tackle environmental change and global warming. We also launched the Bademantl Day initiative to raise awareness of the impacts of global warming among the majority population, thus positively influencing awareness among the general public.

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