May 2020 – June 2021
Águeda, Portugal

We are pleased to announce that we are partners in the project Intercultural Inclusion of Youth, led by the Centro de juventud de Águeda in Portugal.

In recent years, we have seen a shift in European democracies – the closure of borders and hostility towards ethnic minorities, migrants and refugees. Increasing the aggressive attitude towards these individuals causes additional difficulties in their process of social inclusion, which in itself is quite difficult as they have to adapt to a completely different culture. The social problem we address is the problems of social inclusion faced by migrants, refugees and ethnic minorities. Prejudice and misinformation mainly lead to exclusion.


  • To enable young people (through non-formal education) to encourage the transformation of the most vulnerable social realities and to take more effective action in the field of integration of ethnic minorities, migrants or refugees;
  • Promote the spread of the values ​​of diversity, multiculturalism and tolerance throughout society;
  • Promote intercultural dialogue, cooperation between European organizations and the participation of young people with fewer opportunities in society;
  • Raise awareness of young people and society in general about the problems and processes of social exclusion faced by migrants, refugees or ethnic minorities in order to reduce prejudice and discrimination;
  • Promote the social inclusion of young migrants, refugees or ethnic minorities, by increasing the skills of youth workers;
  • Promote the social participation of young migrants, refugees and ethnic minorities in society.

Project code: 2020-1-PT02-KA105-006712

The project is funded by Erasmus +.