Catalogue available, price is 20 EUR

The Association EPEKA, social enterprise, has recently published a key catalogue of one of the most important contemporary Roma artists — Selma Selman. The catalogue is available in our offices and soon in bookshops.

The catalogue was conceived in collaboration with the artist and American curator Jasmina Tumbas. The catalogue is a comprehensive overview of her oeuvre and a concise insight into the complex questions of the life of ethnic minorities.

Excerpt from the catalogue:

“Selma Selman’s oeuvre demonstrates the artist’s struggle with questions of statelessness, multi-generational trauma, and survival. Land and body become sites of emancipation and persecution, which she explores in video-works, sound sculptures, paintings, and performance art. Selman complicates the notion of what it means to maintain self-sovereignty as a foreigner in her land of origin and her current home, the United States. Using her own body as the primary mode of political intervention, her work exposes the tensions that arise when representing, and at the same time embodying, this Othered identity. The root of these tensions lies in the fact that the artist reproduces and simultaneously critiques many of the racial stereotypes entrenched in the portrayals of the largest ethnic minority in Europe in the history of art, film, and the media. Ultimately, Selman’s search for political resistance situates this confrontation within the gendered and racialized presumptions about citizenship, belonging, and identity.” (Jasmina Tumbas)

The catalogue was published in 500 copies and was conceived as a three language publication in Slovenian, Roma and English.

Price: 20 EUR

For more information please contact us at epeka@epeka.si.