7 January, 2018

Allium is part of the Etri tri community, which brings together individuals and organisations with a common goal: to act in a socially responsible way.

We promote the creation of an inclusive society and provide employment and career development opportunities for individuals from vulnerable groups. Collaboration with business, NGOs and the creative industry generates concrete business results in the local environment. Etra Community believes that open networking, innovation and changing habits are the drivers of sustainable development for the whole society! They measure social responsibility in terms of the number of sustainable jobs created for hard-to-employ individuals, and the various organisations that work with them to give back to society.

They are guided by the principles of care for the environment (ecology), well-being at work (ergonomics) and responsible consumerism (ethical economy). They follow the principles of the circular economy and therefore focus on the reuse and recycling of existing materials and products. They strive to use energy from renewable sources, abandon the use of hazardous chemicals, reduce the consumption of raw materials and, through careful product design, reduce waste generation towards zero.

Address: Železna cesta 16, 1000 Ljubljana
Tel: 040 977 741
E-mail: info@etri.si
Website: https://etri.si/

The project is part-financed by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund.

EU funds

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