December, 2020 – December, 2022

The Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., proudly announces that EPEKA Berlin has recieved a grant from the German National Agency for implementation of the Erasmus+ KA2 project in the field of adult education, titled Education for Labour Market Integration: Enabling Educators to Better Target Low-Qualified Adults (ELMI).

Coordinator of the consortium is Epeka Berlin and there are 5 partner organisations: Epeka Slovenia (SI), IASIS (GR), ROMNI -APS (IT), Epeka Serbia (RS) in FUNDACJA EUROPEJSKI INSTYTUT OUTSOURCINGU (PL).

The project “Education for Labour Market Integration: Enabling Educators to Better Target Low-Qualified Adults” (hereinafter referred to as ELMI) will address the competences and knowledge of educators working with adults belonging to marginalised and vulnerable social groups, primarily the Roma community and refugees/migrants, but also other adults facing social, economic and educational difficulties. All of the partner organisations as well as other NGOs working in the field of adult education in the partner’s local and national contexts have developed unique approaches to addressing adults facing a wide array of difficulties, which result in decreased inclusion in to the wider society and into national labour markets.

The project was developed by a consortium of 6 organisations coming from different parts of Europe and with different backgrounds. When designing the project the core idea that led us was the fact that many organisations working in the field of adult education are facing similar problems and address comparable needs in their target groups. While many of these projects, especially those with an international component, are widely disseminated and their deliverables are accessible if one looks for them, a large part of operations implemented on national scales is less accessible despite delivering very good results. This leads to organisations in different countries “rediscovering” approaches that are already established elsewhere The core aim of ELMI is to research successful practices targeting vulnerable adult learners and to analyse their potential for adaptation and transfer into new localities and to present these practices to educators from partner organisations and to those outside the consortium.

The objectives of the project are:

  • to increase the competences of educators
  • to develop the capacities of organisations educating adults facing multiple discrimination
  • to identify and analyse examples of good practices and their transfer possibilities and collect them in a widely available compendium
  • to enable educators to foster better integration of end beneficiaries into the wider society and the labour market
  • to establish an international network of adult education organisations working on future projects based on ELMI together and exchanging knowledge
  • fostering interethnical dialogue and the fight against discrimination

These objectives will be achieved through the following activities and outputs:

  • 1 compendium of good practices containing 24 identified good practices
  • 4 Short-term Joint Staff Training Events, each attended by 12 educators, addressing Basic skills and digital literacy, Intercultural activities and integration, Conflict resolution and managing stress and Entrepreneurial thinking (Slovenia, Serbia, Greece, Poland)
  • 30 local mainstreaming events with an estimated 500 particiants (5/partner)
  • 3 cultural events with an estimated 400 participants (Slovenia, Serbia, Berlin)
  • 1 small scale conference with an estimated 25 visitors (Berlin)

Project duration: 30 December 2020 – 29 December 2022

The Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., is supported by: