31 May – 31 December, 2018
Empowering to Empower

Entrepreneurial Educational Youth Cooperative Society EPEKA, ULTD, Soc. Ent., has started an international program Empowering to Empower. The goal of the project is to empower the youth workers who work with youth from disadvantaged areas that are facing unemployability and lack of oportunities for them. The project will take place between 31st May and 31st December 2018 in different locations.

The project is aimed at educating and training the youth workers for the work with the unemployed youth and youth from disadvantaged areas. Together with the partners from 8 countries we have identified problem of the unempolyed youth, so we want to connect and share good examples, experiences and potential solutions. Last but not least, we want to encourage the youth workes to gain the needed competences for the work with youth facing these sorts of issues.

The project relates to the following Eramus+ program goals:

  • improving the levels of key competences and skills of youth workers/leaders (consequentially of the youth itself) with emphasis on directed support i.e. work with unemployed youth and youth from depriviliged areas i.e. the areas with fewer opportunities for youth:
  • encourage higher quality of youth work by planning for strengthened cooperation between organizations working in the field of youth and especially with the unemployed youth;
  • strengthening of international dimensions of youth activities and increasing the capabilities of youth workers and organizations with their support for the unemployed youth and youth in general;
  • supporting (vocational) development of those that work in the field of non-formal education, youth training and inovations and improvements of quality of youth work in Europe.

The Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., is supported by: